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Dr. Dana Fillmore, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist

Recapture the love and joy in your relationships. Build a close-knit family that is flourishing and connected. For over 20 years, I have worked extensively with individuals, couples, children, and teens to help improve their lives.  My practice helps couples to feel closer, to better understand each other and to build stronger relationship skills. I also help individuals and families deal with many challenging issues including ADHD, Blended Families, Depression, Anxiety and Behavioral problems.  I have helped many people reach their goals and live the lives they want.

Each client is unique and I tailor my approach to your needs and concerns. You will be empowered to change as we work together exploring the connection between your thoughts, feelings and behaviors primarily utilizing a cognitive behavioral approach. This understanding along with learning new skills can help you have the life you want.

Gary Chapman, Author of "The Five Love Languages" with Dr. Dana Fillmore

Gary Chapman, Author of "The Five Love Languages" with Dr. Dana Fillmore

 Couples Therapy

Learn new ways to grow closer as a couple and build the relationship you want. I will assist you in identifying the issues causing problems between you and help you resolve them with proven techniques that have worked with thousands of couples. Whether you are struggling with communication, lack of affection, fighting over money, an unsatisfying sex life, falling out of love or are even trying to survive an affair, there are many solutions that can help you heal and come back together.

Group Therapy & Public Speaking 

As seen on CBS, Fox, NBC, OWN, MSNBC and more

TV Relationship Expert

In addition to individual, couples and family therapy, I have a long history with public speaking and TV appearances as well as conducting group therapy and seminars.  In these talks, I address many different topics related to the psychology of couples, children, and parenting. Below are just a few of the potential subjects on which I'm available to speak:

  • Rekindling Intimacy:  How to Have Great Sex with the Person You Married
  • Surviving an Affair
  • Are You Actually Listening:  The Key to Effective Communication
  • Turn Conflict into Cooperation!
  • Setting Our Priorities in a Hectic World: Marriage, Kids, Jobs
  • Raising Independent and Capable Children
  • Conscious Parenting: Giving Your Kids the Best Possible Future
  • Ending the Homework Hassle
  • Raising Siblings without Rivalry
  • ADHD:  The Most Over and Under Diagnosed Condition
  • How to Help a Child Who Worries
  • Why Kids Lie and How to Handle It
  • Raising a Happy Kid: How to Curb their Tendencies Toward  Negativity
  • Why My Brilliant Child is Not Living Up to his Full Potential
  • The Lost Art of Manners:  How to Raise Kind and Compassionate Kids

"Is Bickering A Sign Of The End?" 

 Appearing on the Steve Harvey Show where I helped couples who were struggling with bickering in their marriage.


Dr. Dana's Book, "Happily Ever After:  How To Be Happily Married To The One You Already Married"

My book "Happily Ever After: How to Be Happily Married to the One You Already Married" reveals the secrets to finally feeling happy in your relationship. You'll learn what it takes to be happily married, how to work together to build a beautiful future, how to end the fighting, how to effectively communicate, and how to ignite the fire in your sex life. Read this book today and start living Happily Ever After with the one you already married!

On a Personal Note...

I have applied the very skills I teach in my practice to my own relationship and consequently have weathered the ups and downs of marriage for over 23 years. I live in San Diego, CA with my husband, my two teenagers, two dogs and two cats.

I am known for being a clear, straightforward communicator. I know what works for couples and individuals because of my more than 20 years of direct client contact. Consequently, I teach only the key concepts and skills that make a dramatic difference in your life. I dive right in and provide empowering and thought-provoking information quickly. Everything I teach is "doable" and delivers immediate results.

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